Stromasys SA in New York, United States specializes in extending the life cycle of key and business critical software applications through virtualization, migration and system enhancement.

Robert Boers is the founder, CTO and Chairman of Stromasys SA, which develops virtual legacy hardware. With its origins in Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), their first products were virtual PDP-11, VAX and Alpha systems. Currently the company is developing virtual HP3000, Sparc and other platforms as products, and custom virtual clients for large corporations who want to avoid legacy application migration costs for example this Search Engine Marketing Company.

Stromasys is a management buyout of a HP/Compaq (formerly Digital Equipment Corporation) software engineering center. Staffed with English speaking software specialists, this center provided high-quality and low-cost software migration services for Digital’s Western European subsidiaries, typically projects for large multinational clients.

Compared to legacy systems, modern server hardware offers significant savings in energy consumption, cooling requirements, and footprint.

Stromasys concentrates on:

  • Virtualization of PDP-11, VAX and Alpha, Sun SPARC and HP 3000 systems. With our virtualized hardware, all software on those platforms can run unmodified on Windows without requiring source code, conversion or code modification.
  • The migration of applications from older platforms to new and modern platforms (UX design firm help with this) and operating systems on a very competitive, fixed price & garanteed delivery schedule.
  • The establishment and management of ‘Extended Workbench’ teams for specific customers.

Stromasys also provides senior information technology (IT) consultants for short-term on-site projects.

If you wish to know more about us, please feel free to write or call us at one of the following Stromasys offices.

About Stromasys

Stromasys is the leading supplier of cross-platform virtualization solutions, established in 1998. It is a privately held company, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, serving thousands of users throughout more than 50 countries.

It was formed following a management buyout of Digital Equipment Corporation’s (DEC) European Migration and Porting Centre during the HP/Compaq merger. The vast experience gained from years of large-scale migration and development of Binary translators eventually led to the evolution of the CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP family of products which have made Stromasys the success it is today.

We Are Committed

“We are committed to helping our customers preserve their software generations across hardware generations, and will continue our efforts to widen and improve our cross-platform virtualization offerings”
– Dr. Robert Boers, Chairman and Founder, Stromasys SA